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Buffstreams offer free live streaming of most U.S. sports including NFL Football, NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, Soccer, UFC and WWE as well as other sports including F1, MotoGP, Golf, Rugby, Boxing and Tennis.

Most of Buffstreamz live games are copyrighted to major U.S. broadcasters such as Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC, DAZN and beIN SPORTS who hold the official broadcast rights to live sporting events.

What are Buffstreams and are they legal?

Are you looking for Buffstreams.com live streams to watch live NFL, NBA, MMA, UFC or boxing?

Buffstreams LIVE STREAMS

About Buffstreams

Buffstreams have been around for a few years and have operated under several cloned domains (more recently available on buffstreams.tv, buffstream.live and buffstreamz.com) and different names (such as Buffstreamz or Buffstream) - they provide live streams from major U.S. broadcasters for all upcoming live sport and offer a game schedule so users know what matches are showing next.

Is Buffstreams safe?

In a word, no. You may think you're getting a free, live stream to your favourite match, but to get to it you need to click through many forms of malvertising which can seriously harm your device and even cause financial loss.

Users of Buffstreams or other live sports streams should be also aware that accessing these live streams are acting illegally and could face prosecution if they are caught downloading and watching copyrighted material.

Is Buffstreams down at the moment?

Due to the nature of live streaming websites such as Buffstreams, they receive many DMCA notices and legal challeges, so they regularly clone their domains elsewhere to avoid being shut down.

Is there an alternative to Buffstreams?

There are hundreds of Buffstream alternatives (a few are mentioned above), but we would always recommend that you watch live sport on Fox Sports, NBC, DAZN or ESPN via an official subscription.

Do Buffstreams have an app you can download?

As far as we know, Buffstreams does not have an app you can download from the App store or Google Play. Since they are operating illegally, they would find it difficult to get listed officially.

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