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Keep up to date with the UFC tonight, this weekend, and into the future with our guide at WheresTheMatch. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is broadcast across several official channels such as TNT Sports and Fight Pass with some of the larger events requiring a PPV purchase to access. Our guide below is regularly updated with information on where to find all of the best upcoming UFC events.

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Fixtures Date / Time BST Competition TV Channels
Live on TNT Sports UFC Fight Night UFC Song Yadong vs Chris Gutierrez Sun 10th December 2023 03:00am WATCH LIVE UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship TNT Sports 1TNT Sports 1
This UFC on TV schedule was last updated on 08/12/2023 at 18:00 (GMT)

Upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship Events / MMA: Schedules, Dates, TV Channels & Event times

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is widely recognised as one of the top MMA competitions globally. With skilled athletes hailing from all corners of the world, there's an abundance of talent on show in the UFC with the electrifying atmosphere and unpredictability of match-ups boosting its popularity as a fan-favourite sport.

While the UFC faced heavy criticism in the early days for its wild format lacking rules and regulations, ownership changes in 2001 meant that the organisation would see a massive restructure over the subsequent years. These changes would build the foundations of the UFC as we know it today – several decades and the addition of proper weight categories, rounds with time limits, drug testing, and stricter rules around fouls, and the UFC was suddenly looking like a prime competition for some of MMA’s most skilled athletes to showcase their talents.

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