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  • How is UFC Scored – UFC Scoring

    Wondering how UFC fights are scored? Find out more about the 10-point-must system and how it’s used to judge the outcome of a fight on our blog here.

  • A Brief History of Football Formations

    The formation of a football team is the shape they take up during attacking and defending passages of play. A formation varies greatly on a manager’s preferred tactical style and at the highest level, the regular interchange of formations and unorthodox player placements almost feels like a game of chess. The conventional formations we see in the modern day are as a result of many decades of refinement where, as the game developed and previous systems became obsolete, progressive managers came up with new ideas on how to best capitalise on the weaknesses of their opposition. Naturally, some of the formations used in the past are – by today’s standards – pretty silly.

  • What is The 3pm Blackout in Football

    The 3pm football blackout impacts teams across the Premier League and EFL competitions. Find out what the 3pm football blackout is at WheresTheMatch.

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