- Why can't I Live stream the Games / Matches on your Site with my subscription?

We do not at present provide live steaming on our site. We provide helpful features to access 1000s of schedules in order to help you organise your viewing quickly and easily. This is for a very small subscription, which should pay for itself with the time it saves you for the other more important things in your life.

All streaming is provided by 3rd party suppliers. We are not responsible for these providers. Please contact them directly.

- How do I View Details / Unsubscribe / Cancel My Subscription?

If you are using Premier then you will have paid via Paypal, please refer to this PayPal How-To

If you are using IOS / Apple, then you can cancel your subscription using this Apple How-To

I cannot find my Favourite Team

If you cannot find your team via their league competition in Favourite Teams (they may well only appear in cup type competitions), then please try Teams Search, which was added recently.

- Help, my fixtures have gone blank / missing in the main view on my Phone App!

Please check you do not have any filters turned on that is removing all your games from view

NOTE: This is now fixed in iOS Update 1.21. This was a bug for users who have DARK MODE switched on in iOS App 1.20.

- I wish to cancel or enquire about Now TV, Premier Sports or some other 3rd Party I have Signed up with

Although we do advertise and affiliate with various services such as NOW TV, Premier Sports (to name a couple). We are not responsible for those services, when you sign up with them, it is your responsibility to check that their service is suitable. Any queries and cancellation requests should be sent to them directly. We do not generally reply to request for cancellations and queries for these 3rd party services, please contact them directly.

Please see Terms for further details.

- I cannot remember Paying, How did you get my Details?

We only allow sign up via Paypal so there is no ambiguity where you paid and how you control your account. Please check with other people who use your Paypal account before contacting us further.

- My Mobile App crashes!

UPDATE: As on iOS version 1.17, we have sorted our crash on start-up that wasnt in fact the database but some 3rd party code.

But if this does occur when some of our local IOS database code gets in a mess when trying to upgrade between versions, then please try this.

IMPERFECT SOLUTION: Please uninstall and reinstall your app.

As of current version you will LOSE your favourites / filters but in a coming update we will sync these to the cloud to stop this happening once and for all and try to lessen our embarrassment somewhat!

- Do I have to pay for the Premier Subscription AND the Mobile App Subscription?

Yes (but also see FAQ "I already have Premier BUT I only want to use the App ...")

These are 2 seperate products and provide different capabilities -

Premier Subscription - paid via Paypal, this product is viewable on ANY browser on ANY device, it is design for DESKTOP (large screens) AND MOBILE (small mobile screens). You can access it on Apple, Android, IPhones, IPads via the browser (Safari in IOS, Chrome in Android etc). One subscription works on ALL your devices.

Want the match schedules on IOS? just login into Premier on your safari (or other) browser on your Phone or Ipad.

IOS App - paid via Itunes / Apple, this a seperately built product which is streamlined for use on only your APPLE PHONE device (it will work on IPAD but not designed for it specifically), its built natively and work seemlessly on your device, but it does not allow you to use it on your desktop or on OTHER non-apple devices.

Developing a combined eco-system where a single login provides access to all functionality is simply not viable with the resources we have at present, so we have released both products, giving you a choice on which suits your browsing habits best.

We really hope you understand we want to provide the best service and features possible, but every piece of functionality adds complexity and time and we have to balance that with releasing any new products and ensuring our existing ones retain the required standards.

We do really appreciate your support.

- I already have Premier BUT I only want to use the App? Can I have my money back?

If you have ordered premier after Oct 1st 2017, then please drop us a request and we will refund paypal so you can subscribe to the App.

Please remember you will then only be able to use the app on IOS, not on desktop and all other browsers.

- My Premier Desktop / Mobile site was working, now its got Adverts on!

This usually means you have been logged out of the Premier Web Site.

Login here AND tick remember me.

Ensure you DO NOT have any software which deletes all your browser cookies AS that will also log you out.

- I have forgotten my password or can't login, how can I get access?

Request a password reset at reset.

Then please try logging in again here.

- How do I stop Email Match Alerts?

Login to your account > go to Settings > Email Alerts and choose NEVER from the drop down, then click CONFIRM. No further emails will be sent.

- My IOS App subscription has reset or is not working. How do I restore it?

Go to Settings > Manage Purchases and it should automatically restore your subscription.

Please ensure you are using the SAME iTunes account as what you purchased the subscription with AND you have a valid internet connection.

If you still cannot restore your subscription or have connection errors with a valid internet connection, please get in touch with support and we will try and disgnose with you.

More Legal Terms

Please see our General Terms page which are our "Small Print" like Terms & Conditions - these apply when using the WherestheMatch.com Standard and Premier websites and Mobile Apps.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.