Cancellation policy

New Subscribers

If you are a new subscriber to Premier but wish to cancel, you must let us know within 14 calendar days of your original sign up date. Please email us at with your PayPal and Wheresthematch email addresses and we will cancel your account and refund your subscription cost, no questions asked. Please also indicate the date that you first signed up.

Existing Subscribers - how to cancel your annual subscription

Your Premier subscription will be auto-renewed each year via PayPal - to stop your auto-renewal payments, log in to your PayPal account and arrange for the payments to be stopped. Your Premier subscription will then end on your next renewal date.

Cancelling your renewal payment after the renewal period

If you try to cancel after your annual renewal payment has been taken from your PayPal account, we cannot offer a refund - we only offer refunds for new subscribers within the 14 day period.