Live Football Streaming P2P Guide

This guide follows on from our Watch Football Online article, and should be useful for those of your looking for P2P live football streaming. Most people are new to P2P, so this guide gives you clear instructions on how to become familiar with the terminology and technology required to install the best P2P software, which will enable to you to stream most football matches around the world.

How to get started

Install some P2P software to your PC

To begin accessing P2P live Soccer matches, you can use one of a variety of popular P2P software programmes currently available, however you should be aware that most P2P players can only be used on a Windows machine (if you have an Apple Mac, you can get around this by installing a Windows emulator).

Some of the most popular Live Streams are available via TVAnts, PPStream, PPMate, Sopcast, PCast, PPLive and some others. Some live football streams don't necesserily need access to a P2P player, and can be watched via Windows Media Player or Real Player. We will provide links and reviews of some of the best P2P players for Live Football Streaming in the near future, but for now feel free to search for them and install their players from their official pages.

Find a football match being streamed online

At the moment, only provides listings for Football on TV broadcasts, and not online, however, most matches can be found via a Live P2P stream if you look hard enough. Use our Football listings each day to find the best matches being shown daily, and then search to see if these soccer matches are available to stream on P2P.

Connect to the Live Football stream

Once you have found the match you are looking to watch online, you should use the P2P software that is being recommeneded. Wait while the channel's stream buffers until the quality is acceptable in the P2P player. Some networks are better quality than others, so you should apply some patience and also look for other networks to see if the quality is better. Some live streams will allow un-interrupted broadasts of matches, while other networks will have persistant problems.