• Liverpool Top League for TV revenue during COVID-hit season but Man Utd and Arsenal most-televised

    Published Wednesday 23 December 2020 9:05pm

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    The Premier League season may have been disrupted heavily in 2019/20, but Liverpool doubled up their long-awaited title success with another win in terms of TV broadcast revenue according to Live Football on TV guide, WherestheMatch.com.

Premier League TV Coverage & Revenue League Table 2019/20

By WherestheMatch Team

However, according to our data, it was Man Utd and Arsenal who were the most-televised teams with both being broadcast 31 times out of their 38 matches (82%). Liverpool and runners-up Man City were both screened 30 times.

Following on from the previous season, Jurgen Klopp's Reds netted the most TV revenue than any other club with Man City and Man Utd close behind. Based on some assumptions (due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the fact that no official numbers have been released) and TV broadcast revenue distribution changing last year to ensure that money is more equally shared amongst the 20 Premier League clubs, most saw a healthy increase in TV income.

To begin with, all clubs received an equal share of £31.8m from the domestic TV deal as well as a flat fee from Overseas TV income of £43.2m each, plus a bonus of £5m for commercial revenue - this is then topped up with a "facility fee" based on number of times a team is broadcast. In addition, each club will receive an extra merit payment and additional share of overseas TV rights income based on their final league position.

Some of the revenue winners naturally involve the top 4 finishers, where a bigger payment is made based on league position than last season. Liverpool increased their pot by £25.7m for finishing league champions, but Man City also increased by £23.9m despite finishing 2nd this time around. Man Utd had a considerable jump in income which is largely down to finishing 3rd compared to 6th the year before. Leicester City recorded one of the biggest income rises with £40.1m due to their much better league position and being televised 11 times more than in 2018/19.

Other winners include teams who gained promotion from the Championship back in 2018/19, which illustrates the huge gap in TV income and the obvious reason why clubs are so keen to gain promotion to the Premier League. Sheffield Utd had a marvellous year last season finishing in 9th place and amassing a staggering £133.3m more in revenue. Aston Villa escaped relegation but were smiling all the way to the bank with an increase of £101.1m from the previous year. Relegated Norwich City can at least put their £94.5m to good use strengthening their squad as they look to bounce back quickly to the Premier League next season. Only Watford showed a decrease in revenue for the season despite being live on TV more times than most of the bottom half of the table, but a poor league position compared to 2018/19 meant their merit payment dropped significantly.

Number of times each team were show live on Sky, BT and Amazon Prime

  • Man Utd 31 (22 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Arsenal 31 (22 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Liverpool 30 (21 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Man City 30 (21 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Chelsea 29 (20 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Tottenham 28 (19 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Leicester 28 (20 Sky, 6 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • West Ham 24 (14 Sky, 8 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Everton 24 (15 Sky, 5 BT, 4 Amazon)
  • Newcastle Utd 23 (13 Sky, 7 BT, 3 Amazon)
  • Aston Villa 23 (16 Sky, 5 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Watford 21 (14 Sky, 4 BT, 3 Amazon)
  • Wolves 19 (11 Sky, 6 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Sheffield Utd 19 (12 Sky, 4 BT, 3 Amazon)
  • Burnley 19 (9 Sky, 7 BT, 3 Amazon)
  • Crystal Palace 18 (9 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Brighton 18 (9 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Bournemouth 18 (9 Sky, 7 BT, 2 Amazon)
  • Southampton 17 (9 Sky, 5 BT, 3 Amazon)
  • Norwich City 17 (11 Sky, 4 BT, 2 Amazon)


Despite finishing 8th, Arsenal were the most-televised along with Man Utd with 31 games. Sky also favoured these teams picking them 22 times. West Ham were a popular TV pick for 2019/20 with 24 matches despite a lowly 16th league position and were also the most shown by BT Sport with 8 live games. Watford were a surprise TV pick being shown 21 times despite being relegated. Aston Villa showed they are a popular TV choice with 23 live matches despite finishing just outside the relegation spots. Sheffield Utd will feel aggrieved they weren't shown live more times since they finished in the top 10 last season but were only shown 19 matches, with Southampton and Norwich City overlooked for TV coverage the most with just 17 live broadcasts. Everton were shown the most times on Amazon Prime with 4 live broadcasts via their streaming platform.

"The Premier League entered the back end of last season with a huge challenge in offering more live games to the public in which some were made free-to-air by Sky and BT and some on pay-per-view box office channels which didn't go down well with the fans. Despite these challenges, the revenue numbers show just how rich Premier League clubs have become as a direct result of broadcasting deals and it is only right that the top tier are helping lower league football during the ongoing financial struggles." ~ Wes Lewis, Director of Wheresthematch.com

It's not just the Premier League that has opened the cameras to more live games. The Championship are also showing most games, with games not scheduled for Sky Sports showing on streaming channels such as EFL iFollow and club streams. All of Rugby Union's Premiership matches have been live on BT Sport, as has all of the RL Super League which has seen some matches shown on free-to-air channel Sky Sports Mix in the lead up to the Grand Final.

"WherestheMatch.com has never been so useful as it is right now. With lots of matches being screened behind closed doors, changing kick off times and some being switched to free-to-air channels, we offer the perfect way to organise your match viewings. The Christmas period should at least being a festive feast for TV sports fans and the news that clubs will begin allowing some fans back into stadiums is an encouraging sign that we are moving forward." ~ Matt Waring, Director of Wheresthematch.com

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