TNT Sports on Sky

TNT Sports is the new name for BT Sport in the UK and will continue to show the same live sport as before.

We can confirm that all TNT Sports channels are available on Sky and viewers can add TNT Sports to their existing Sky subscription. See below for instructions on how to get TNT Sports on Sky:

Fixture Start Time: UK Competition TV Channel(s)

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Can I get TNT Sports on Sky?

If you are a new or existing Sky Sky TV subscriber, you can get TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) on the Sky platform - in order to do this, you need to add TNT Sports by logging in to your MySky portal or by setting up as a new Sky customer.

How to add TNT Sports to your Sky TV subscription via BT

Here's a quickfire setup guide on how to get TNT Sports on your current Sky TV package:

1) Have your viewing card number handy from your Sky box (usually sits at the front where it can be easily removed), then click on this TNT Sports on Sky page on the BT website.

2) You'll have a few options on how to get TNT Sports - you can either sign up to a rolling 1 month contract or a 12 month contract (cheaper) - if you have BT broadband installed in your home, you'll be able to get a further discount for TNT Sports.

3) Once you've decided on the best package for you, follow the instructions and add in the Sky viewing card number for the box that you will watch TNT Sports in your home - please note you can only assign TNT Sports to one viewing card at a time, so make sure you choose where you will watch more often.

What Live Football is coming up on TNT Sports?

If you want to check which Premier League or Champions League matches are being shown on TNT Sports before you make your decision, please click on our dedicated TV schedules:

- Live Football on TNT Sports
- Champions League on TNT Sports
- Europa League on TNT Sports
- Complete TNT Sports schedule

How much is TNT Sports on Sky?

Without HD, TNT Sports is usually £29.99 per month on a rolling 1 month contract with the option to add on TNT Sports HD for £6.50 (first 3 months for free when taken on a 12 month contract). There are usually offers and discounts throughout the year, particularly if you already have BT Broadband or purchase BT Broadband at the time of signing up.

How long does it take to activate TNT Sports on Sky once I've signed up?

It usually takes around 15 minutes to activate TNT Sports on your Sky package, but sometimes it can take upto 4 hours - to avoid disappointment if you are signing up for a live match on the day, we'd recommend you sort it as early as you can!

Can I watch TNT Sports on a 2nd Sky box or when I upgrade to Sky Q?

You can watch TNT Sports on a multiroom or second Sky box, but you will need to add it on and it will cost you more to do so. TNT Sports is available on Sky Q or Sky Stream provided your viewing card you registered with BT is set up to your new Sky Q box.

Can I access TNT Sports on the Sky Go app?

Yes TNT Sports is not available on the Sky Go app.

I've got BT TV in my house - can I get Sky Sports on my BT subscription?

It is possible to get Sky Sports on your BT subscription, but there is a bit of red tape:

- They'll only provide access to the Sky Sports Main Event channel, so any live sport being shown on other Sky Sports channels (such as Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports News or Sky Sports Arena) won't be available to you unless these matches are also being shown on Sky Sports Main Event too.

- You can only sign up to the Sky Sports Main Event channel if you have a BT broadband Ininity package with download speeds of 30mb or more.

Can I get a TNT Sports Day Pass on Sky?

Unfortunately BT Sport doesn't offer a TNT Sports Day Pass similar to Sky's NOW TV.

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