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Watch Live Football Online

How to watch live football online on your PC, including free p2p live streaming links.

Most football fans would argue that following their favourite team to watch live football can be at times, hard work, especially when the main TV stations are regularly opting to show the biggest 4 teams live in each league week in week out.

Not only this it can be expensive, with BT Sport now showing 50 matches on a subscription basis for a monthly broadband fee, as well as Sky Sports owning the majority of live league matches in the UK which can rise into hundreds of pounds to subscribe to watch live football.

Watch Live Football online for just £6.29 with NOW TV!

Watching Live football online is an option that most people overlook when looking for how to watch live football, as the prospect of setting the match up on your PC tends to put most people off, and others are often worried about paying a fee for a one-off service.

But you needn't be worried - we have partnered with a very successful and reliable service and our users have been very happy with the quality of matches that they have watched online - if you are not satisfied you can get a full refund back within 3 days!

There are ways to watch live football for free online, check out some of the links on the right for more information about this, some of the free live football feeds are actually quite good, but they have limited access to football competitions and teams.

Take a look below at some of the upcoming live football matches that are available to watch online and on TV. This week we are featuring the English Premier League, with the new 2014 season fully kicked off. To arrange to watch one of the matches below, or any throughout the UK and Europe (including details on how to watch live European football) click on the link above.

Football TV Subscription Packages

Compare the best ways to watch Live Football with our quick comparison of the Pay-per-view TV subscription packages in the UK.

Sky Logo

You can add Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 5 and Sky Sports F1 for as little as £27.50 - to upgrade to HD, you will need to purchase a Family Bundle package.

You can also add BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3 and BT Sport // ESPN for just £6 per month if you take out BT Broadband, or you can add BT Sport without broadband to your Sky package on a rolling monthly contract.

Add MUTV, Chelsea TV and Liverpool TV for £7 per month and Premier Sports for £11.99 per month.

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BT Logo

You can get all four BT Sport (BT Sport 1, 2, 3 and ESPN) channels for FREE if you have any BT TV package with BT Broadband or BT Infinity.

Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 can be added as bolt-ons to any BT TV package, provided you have a BT Infinity broadband package with minimum 30mb download speed.

To watch UEFA Champions League & Europa League (exclusive to BT) you will need to pay £5 per month if you have BT Broadband.


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Virgin Media Logo Logo

You can get all BT Sport and Sky Sports channels in one package, called the Big Kahuna Sports.

Starting from £32.99 per month you get over 230 channels including BT Sport - you will need to pay a little more to add in all 7 Sky Sports channels, but Sky Sports News HQ is part of the basic package.

Included with the Kahuna package is 100 Mbps optical fibre broadband and you will need to pay out £17.99 per month for the line rental.


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