Back in 2007, Wes Lewis & Matt Waring worked together in a Web Development team at a recruiment agency in Manchester when they were having a natter about the upcoming Champions League Football televised fixtures on a Tuesday night.

During this conversation, they were confused about who was playing that night and on which TV channel. Despite many online searches across several websites, they struggled to get the definitive answer to the question, and wasted their dinner hour!

A few weeks later in the pub after a few cheeky pints, they came up with the brilliant idea of a website that showed all of the Live Sport on TV, kick off times, TV Channels and Teams - was born!

Nine years on, has evolved into a popular, daily source for sports fans checking when Live Sport is on TV, and we now boast over 6 million users each year across our website, Android and iOS Apps.

During 2016, we are embarking on a new chapter for the site with a new responsive design, additional sports and great, new features that will firmly place us as the number 1 portal for Live Sporting TV schedules. Many of you who use the site regularly may be very surprised to hear that is still run by just the two of them, with a little help from freelance editors who update the Match Schedules.

For this reason, we are now seeking Major Investment to help us achieve our Mission: "To be the biggest online source in the world for Live Sporting Events". More information can be found on our Investor Deck, so get in touch if you are interested in getting involved!


Who are We?

Wes Lewis - co-founder

WES LEWIS - Co-Founder

POSITION: Scrum Half

WHAT HE DOES ON THE PITCH: All the pretty things you see on our platforms - UX, UI, Front End Designer, Branding, App Design, SEO, Content & Social, Business Strategy, Commercial development

TEAM SUPPORTS: Wigan Warriors (I'm an egg chaser!)

SAY HELLO: Drop me an Email

Matt Waring - co-founder

MATT WARING - Co-Founder

POSITION: Centre Forward

WHAT HE DOES ON THE PITCH: All the Magic under the hood that makes our platforms work. UX, Back End Developer, App Design, Business Strategy


SAY HELLO: Drop me an Email




As well as following the 3 big sports, Football, Rugby and Cricket, now has information on Live Television rights and coverage for other sports - click on the sport below for more information:


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