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WherestheMatch Pub Finder coming soon!

WherestheMatch Pub Finder coming soon!

Following the successful launch of 30 more sports to WherestheMatch.com’s TV Schedules, we are excited to announce that our Pub Finder will be coming soon to the UK.

Our Pub Finder has been in blue print for many years, but it has never made it to the design stage for one reason or another.  Now that the website and apps boast of over 6 million users each year, WherestheMatch.com has decided to get cracking on it’s brilliant pub finder to cater for armchair sports fans who like to watch the match down their local pub with friends as well as in the comfort of their own home.

Pub Finder for Users

WherestheMatch.com screenshot of exciting new Pub Finder

WherestheMatch.com screenshot of exciting new Pub Finder

By simply punching in your location, you will be able to quickly find out which of your local pubs have access to TV channels and matches that are important to you.

We will also outline drinks and food promotions at local pubs where you can redeem exclusively upon check-in.

There will be many more bells and whistles added as we launch, but we are also interested in hearing about any features you would like to see as a punter and regular user to the site – shout out to us at pubs@wheresthematch.com

Pub Finder for Landlords / Pub Owners

We are the number one source when it comes to punters looking for Live Sport on TV in the UK, so it will be no surprise that landlords and pub owners will massively benefit from signing up to our Pub Finder.  Here are just some of the cool things you will be able to do:

  • Add your establishment details and get it in front of millions of laser-targeted sports fans who love to watch live sport, in their armchair and down the pub.  No other pub finder website comes anywhere close to our level of traffic in the UK.
  • Use our quick fire method of setting up your Live Sport schedule using TV channels and favourite sports / teams, rather than individual matches.
  • Advertise your pub locally by your regional team(s) such as Man Utd or Liverpool, by specific league or cup competition such as the Premier League, sport or even TV channel such as Sky Sports or BT Sport.
  • Offer drinks / food deals to attract new customers into your pub.

Take a look at our Information Pack with details of pricing and more screenshots at http://www.wheresthematch.com/pubs/

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