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Subscribe to our new iOS App for Live Sport on TV

Subscribe to our new iOS App for Live Sport on TV

Our new iOS app is finally here!!

So I know we promised our new iOS app at the beginning of the new Footy season, but we’ve had a long lay off with a potentially career ending injury (OK, not quite true, but we’ve been working day and night to get the app to a point that will make future updates much quicker!).

You will now notice we’ve brought all 34 sports to iOS, a new look to cater for these events and the ability to filter by channels and sports.  Alongside this, we have now added in a subscription option which will give you access to all the schedules for the next year (it will still remain free if you want to see what’s on over the next 24 hours).  For Android users, this will be coming over the next few months.

We appreciate that some of you die hard fans of iOS aren’t going to be too pleased because we have provided our excellent service for free for so long, but it is a necessary need that we recoup our countless key tapping with some funds to keep us ticking along.  As with everything, we’ve had good and mixed support for the move and we will continue to get it right so that the majority of our users are happy (some will never be happy unless they’re getting something for free), and we may offer alternative, single sport apps, free trials (for new users) and introductory offers for our brilliant app.

If you haven’t downloaded the app already, head over WherestheMatch – iOS Live Sport TV app and start organising your matches!

Many thanks,

Wes & Matt
WherestheMatch.com founders.

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