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Blood, sweat & match scheduling nightmares – why we have become a subscription portal

Blood, sweat & match scheduling nightmares – why we have become a subscription portal

Hi everyone,

Over the past 10 years, WherestheMatch has evolved into something quite special – what started as an idea between two friends who were frustrated when trying to find out who was playing Football on TV over the weekend, has steadily grown into a daily go-to site for millions of sports fans in the UK looking to organise their match viewings.

Those ten years have taken their toll on us, with many thousands of man hours completed at unsociable times to ensure our users get the match schedules accurately and quickly.  Many of you will be surprised to know that we both run regular jobs and run WherestheMatch as a side project, and have been committed to growing the site year on year, despite the low revenue being made from advertising.  You can read a bit more about us here.

Recent update – We’ve now updated the iOS App that now includes all 34 live sports schedules – Download from the App Store now!

How has the site made it’s revenue in the past?

If you have been along for the ride over the past few years, we’ve mainly relied on adverts to help keep the site running and costs covered – in a world where digital advertising is becoming increasingly squeezed, WherestheMatch simply can’t be supported by them in the long run.   Not only that, we actually hate adverts on the site as much as you do as they ruin the user experience for everyone.

Our achievements in the last 18 months

In the past 18 months, we have transformed the site from a hobby site to a professional platform that caters for the ultimate sports fan – here are just a few things we’ve done in our spare time:

  1. Number 1 sports scheduling aggregator – nobody else is doing what we do in the UK for so many different sports, so we really do save you so much time and hassle searching around the web.
  2. Mobile Friendly – We noticed many of you wanted to check the match schedules on your mobile device, so we made sure WherestheMatch was mobile friendly.
  3. Now cover 34 sports –  For many years, we covered Football, rugby & cricket – we realised to be regarded as the ultimate sports scheduling site we needed to grow to cover every sport possible.  This was a huge achievement and we are very proud to be covering so many.
  4. New redesign – We completely overhauled our out-dated design from 2007, and now have a fully responsive, quality looking website that looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  5. Ad-free website – We despise adverts, so we wanted to offer users the opportunity to upgrade to a premier version that was free of adverts and  marketing talk – nothing but schedules to help you get organised.
  6. Extra Features – We are always looking for ways to help you get the information that is important to you, and we listen to our user feedback – now you can customise your TV schedules by your favourite teams, TV channels and league competitions.  We have also recently added a timezone feature for users who live outside of the UK.
  7. Human editor – Back in the early days, we tried to automate the schedules with software so that the site was updated around the clock – unfortunately, the system was flawed (mainly because the method of getting the information was too wide ranging, which sums up how difficult it is for anyone who doesn’t use us!)  We therefore took the decision to invest in an editor who works full time updating all of the schedules to ensure we have the most accurate information.

Recent & future changes

We have big ideas for the site in the future, including a great Pub finder, a new content portal, many more customisation features and entry into other territories such as Ireland, Spain, Germany, France and other international countries.

To do this as well as maintain our recent upgrades, we desperately need to keep the site funded to a better level to allow us to keep developing, and we hope all of our loyal and new users can understand why we have introduced a small subscription plan.

Why we’ve added a subscription plan

In order to keep the site maintained to the highest standard and remove the reliance on horrible pop up ads and distracting banners, we have taken the decision to offer an annual subscription (not monthly!) for users who want to see upcoming schedules beyond today’s date.  For just £3.99 per year, you will get 12 months access to thousands of match schedules across all 34 sports.

We really hope you understand why we have taken this route – the subscriptions will go a long way to keep the site going, and we will be able to continue to add more features to the site to help you get the match schedules quicker.

We’ve put blood, sweat and tears into the site over the past 9 years so that you can continue to save time and effort searching high and low for the next live match, and your loyal subscription means we can keep it moving in the right direction!

To subscribe to all future match schedules for football, rugby and all other sports (as well as getting the ad-free version and other extra features), please go to our Premier sign up page or view the subscription plans we have created.  If you have any feedback or ideas on how to make the site even better, please get in touch at team@wheresthematch.com.

Recent update – We’ve now updated the iOS App that now includes all 34 live sports schedules – Download from the App Store now!

All the very best and thanks for your ongoing support,

Wes & Matt

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