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Cycling on TV

Live Cycling TV broadcast rights in the UK

Cycling on TV

Tour de France on TV

The 2014 Tour de France on TV start on Saturday July 5rd and the Final Stage is on Sunday 27th July - live, daily TV coverage of the Tour De France is available on British Eurosport and ITV in the UK. If you don't have access to either channel, you can stream live action on the Eurosport Player for just £3.99 per month. Below is the TV Schedule from ITV if you live in the UK, including live broadcast times and also highlights information. All times are GMT.

Saturday 5 July
1030-1545 LIVE stage one on ITV
1030-1700 LIVE stage one on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage one highlights on ITV4

Sunday 6 July
1030-1700 LIVE stage two on ITV and ITV4
1900-2000 Stage two highlights on ITV4

Monday 7 July
1200-1630 LIVE stage three on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage three highlights on ITV4

Tuesday 8 July
1400-1700 LIVE stage four on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage four highlights on ITV4

Wednesday 9 July
1400-1700 LIVE stage five on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage five highlights on ITV4

Thursday 10 July
1400-1700 LIVE stage six on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage six highlights on ITV4

Friday 11 July
1400-1630 LIVE stage seven on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage seven highlights on ITV4

Saturday 12 July
1300-1700 LIVE stage eight on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage eight highlights on ITV4

Sunday 13 July
1400-1700 LIVE stage nine on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage nine highlights on ITV4

Monday 14 July
1230-1700 LIVE stage 10 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 10 highlights on ITV4

Tuesday 15 July
Rest day
1900-2000 highlights on ITV4

Wednesday 16 July
1400-1630 LIVE stage 11 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 11 highlights on ITV4

Thursday 17 July
1400-1700 LIVE stage 12 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 12 highlights on ITV4

Friday 18 July
1400-1630 LIVE stage 13 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 13 highlights on ITV4

Saturday 19 July
1200-1630 LIVE stage 14 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 14 highlights on ITV4

Sunday 20 July
1400-1630 LIVE stage 15 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 15 highlights on ITV4

Monday 21 July
Rest day
1900-2000 Highlights on ITV4

Tuesday 22 July
1400-1630 LIVE stage 16 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 16 highlights on ITV4

Wednesday 23 July
1300-1630 LIVE stage 17 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 17 Highlights on ITV4

Thursday 24 July
1300-1700 LIVE stage 18 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 18 highlights on ITV4

Friday 25 July
1400-1630 LIVE stage 19 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 19 highlights on ITV4

Saturday 26 July
1400-1700 LIVE stage 20 on ITV4
1900-2000 Stage 20 highlights on ITV4

Sunday 27 July
1500-1900 LIVE stage 21 on ITV4
2100-2200 Stage 21 highlights on ITV4

Live Cycling TV coverage in the UK can be found mainly on British Eurosport, ITV and the BBC. The main Cycling events of the year, The Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia are both live on British Eurosport (ITV4 shows the Tour de France as well). ITV4 also show the Tour of Britain Cycling event as well as extensive highlights of of the Vuelta a España, UCI Spring Classics and the Revolution.

British Eurosport is the home for live televised cycling - as well as holding the TV rights to the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia, they broadcast the Vuelta a España, Spring Classics, European Track Championships and the Track Cycling World Cup.

The BBC also show some major cycling events including the UCI Road World Championships, the World Track Championships and share coverage of the Track Cycling World Cup with British Eurosport. Sky Sports currently don't have any rights to show Live Cycling on Television, but do show highlights of the Giro d'Italia.

Summary of Cycling TV Rights in the U.K.

Cycling on British Eurosport

Live Cycling on British Eurosport: TV Rights

  • Live coverage of Tour de France (broadcasted every year in June / July)
  • Live coverage of Giro d'Italia (broadcasted every year in May / June) - current rights run until 2016
  • Live coverage of Vuelta a España (broadcasted every year in August / September)
  • UCI Spring Classics - full live coverage of each event across Europe.
  • UCI Track Cycling World Cup - year long events fully live
  • European Track Championships (broadcasted every year in October)
  • UCI Road World Championships
Cycling on BBC

Live Cycling on BBC: TV Rights

  • Live coverage of UCI Road World Championships
  • Live coverage of World Track Championships
  • Live coverage of UCI Track Cycling World Cup
Cycling on ITV

Live Cycling on ITV: TV Rights

  • Live coverage of Tour de France on ITV4 - current deal runs until 2015
  • Live coverage of Tour of Britain on ITV4 (broadcasted yearly in September)
  • Highlights of Vuelta a España
  • Highlights of UCI Spring Classics
  • Highlights of Revolution
  • Highlights of Halfords Tour Series
Cycling on Sky Sports

Live Cycling on Sky Sports: TV Rights

  • Highlights of the Giro d'Italia



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